Beach wedding favors

Beach wedding favors can really help bring the beach to your wedding. If you are lucky enough to get married by the beach then why not incorporate that into your wedding favors? I like the idea of having practical wedding favors that the guests will use again and again. Since your wedding is going to be on the beach, why not give out sunglasses as favors? It will be cute when in the pictures everyone has the same pair on! You could even do different ones for the guys and girls. Another practical wedding favor would be to give everyone fans. They’ll stay cool during the ceremony and they look very cute placed on everyone’s chairs when they walk in!

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a must have for any wedding. It is just a simple way to express a token of gratitude to your guests for coming to your wedding. There are so many different ways you can go about wedding favors. You can have something edible or something practical. Once you narrow down which type of favor you want to have then you will have a much easier time choosing the more specific details. Also keep in mind that the favors should relate to the general theme of your wedding. Favors are a great way to add a touch of decor to your tables, as well!

Wine wedding favors

Wine wedding favors are a great way to tie the traditional wedding toast into your wedding favors. You can get cute wine stoppers or maybe even coasters. There are so many cute wine stopper designs to choose from. It is a very practical gift that everyone will use. If you’re wedding is going to be at a vineyard then you should try to incorporate as many of these ideas into your table decor. Why not even customize the wine bottle label with the bride and groom’s name? Your wedding is your special day and a little personalization will go a long way.

Unique wedding favors

Unique wedding favors are not as hard to accomplish as you might think. A great way to have your wedding stand out from the rest is to have unique wedding favors. Wedding favors can be useful items as well. There are some cute cute ones on the website. I really love the salt and pepper love birds favors. They are under $3 each! That’s a pretty inexpensive wedding favor. I’ve always liked the personalized mint trays with mints inside. Then all of your guests will have fresh breath after dinner! The most important thing to remember when picking out unique wedding favors is to make sure that the favors represent you as a couple and the theme of your wedding.

Wedding flutes

Wedding flutes are must have for any wedding whether you drink or not. Our wedding flutes were monogrammed with a ‘h’ one each glass and we even drank from them on our first anniversary. There are so many options for your wedding flutes. You can even get a cute stand to hold the glasses! I, personally, love when the flutes are monogrammed. If monograms aren’t your thing then there are plenty of other options to choose from. Another cute flute I saw is one where the base looks like rings. I really love the flutes that are kind of like friendship necklaces and are on part of the heart and join together when they are placed side by side. There are really so many cute designs out there!

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most important details of your wedding. I mean, how will anyone know when and where to show up? Your invitations are important and will set the general tone and theme of your wedding. If you are having a prohibition era wedding theme then you should try to work that into your wedding invitations. It is easy enough to accomplish just by playing with the font and colors. Speaking of colors, you should make sure your invitations are indicative of which colors your wedding will have. My colors were creme and baby blue and those were definitely the focal points of our wedding invitations. Just remember to have fun with it!

Unity ceremony

A Unity ceremony is a powerful part of a wedding. I always think it’s so beautiful when the bride and groom perform one of these. They great thing is that there are so many different variations of unity ceremonies that it really isn’t hard to make it your own. One ceremony that is increasing in popularity is the unity sand ceremony. You take three vases and pour sand from two into one. The great thing about this ceremony is that you will have that pretty sand to display in your home forever. Also, you can buy some really interesting glassware to hold the sand. That’s a great way to make a popular ceremony your own.

Wedding favor boxes

Wedding favor boxes are important to any wedding. Everyone knows how long it can take to pick out your wedding favors. Now you just need to come up with a beautiful way to box them! Not worried about that? Another fun idea is to have special boxes for guests to take home pieces of your cake. What a cute idea! After our wedding we had so much cake left over. It would have been nice to have boxes to send our guests home with some cake! Using gift boxes will add a personal touch to any wedding.

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Unity ceremony

A Unity ceremony is a nice touch to any wedding. It’s a big trend that has really caught on in the wedding world. There are a few ways you can do a unity ceremony. The most popular are the sand or candle ceremonies. Those are the two most traditional but many people are coming up with their own unique ways to do their unity ceremony.

A unity ceremony should be just like your wedding and have your own personalized stamp on it. With all of the different options out there you should have no problem making it your own! Weddingstar has a ton of great ideas if you are having any trouble coming up with our own.

Wedding favor bags

There are so many Wedding favor bags to choose from. That’s where Weddingstar comes in. They have so many premium options to choose from! They are easily personalized too so you can put your own personal touch on it. The perfect favor is hard to find. Now think- you have to package it somehow! I personally really love the organza wedding favor bags. They simply look stunning.

There are so many trends in weddings. Let Weddingstar help guide you through the process! They have everything and more when it comes to those little touches for your special day. Be sure to check them out!

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