Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations really set the theme for your wedding. They let your guests know which direction you are going and which colors. Many guests will try to dress appropriately based on those two things so it is very important to include them in your wedding invitations. It is also important to choose the right font. If you are having a formal wedding then you should be sure to use a very nice font preferably one in calligraphy. You wedding invitations are something that guests may even keep so be sure to put a lot of thought into them! Also, don’t forget to include the RSVP cards so you can keep up with your guest count!

Wedding Guest Book

The Wedding Guest Book is a great way to remember the guests that came to your wedding. There are so many different ways you can do your guest book. You can have a book that people just sign their name or you can have a book with blank pages that people can sign their name and a message (sort of like a yearbook). It’s fun to have your guests sign a whole message because then you can go back on your anniversary and read all of the funny and nice things your guests wrote to you. The nice thing about guests books is that you can display them in your home all year.

Wedding garters

Wedding garters are a fun touch that the bride is responsible for. The garter is an article of clothing that you wear on your thigh under your wedding dress. It is tradition to do what is called the ‘Garter Toss.’ That is when the single men wedding guests all line up and the groom pulls the garter off the bride and throws it at the men. The man who catches the garter is supposed to be the next who will be married.

Since your guests will be seeing the garter it is fun to try and pick out a cute one. Some brides will wear a blue one and use it as their ‘something blue.’ You could also get one in the colors of your wedding, as well.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a fun way to thank your guests for coming. There are so many different kinds to choose from. You can have edible favors, like candy or cookies. There are also non-edible favors, as well. Some examples of non-edible favors would be a personalized candle or a wine stopper. I think the packaging for the favors are just as important as what the favors are. If you give your guests a box of mints then you could print a cute phrase on the box like, “Mint to be.” The options really are endless and you can fit your favors to match the theme and colors of your wedding!

Unique Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favors will set your wedding apart from the rest. There are a lot of memorable moments about any wedding. The thing about the favors is that your guests will bring them home. You should spend a reasonable amount of time picking out your wedding favors. Coming up with a unique wedding favor may not be as hard as you think. Try and keep in mind that your wedding is a representation of you and your loved one. An easy way to make the wedding favors unique is to remember that and think of ones that reflect the both of you in them.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a simple way to show your guests appreciation for attending your wedding. It also is great way to give your guests a little memento to remember the day by. Choosing the right favor your wedding can take some time. There are so many different options available. You can make it easier on yourself if you narrow it down to edible or non-edible. That will at least put you in the right direction. It is fun when weddings have edible favors. At our wedding we gave out cake pops that we made and a coaster picture frame. That way the got something to keep and a tiny dessert!

Unity ceremony

The Unity ceremony is a fast growing tradition among modern weddings. There are so many alternatives and ways to make this a fun part of your wedding ceremony.

I think the fun part of doing a unity ceremony is that you will have a cute memento from your wedding day. If you do something like the candle or the sand then you can even display it in your home as decor.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should have music playing while you perform the unity ceremony. This will add a nice touch and add an emotional aspect if you pick the right song.

wedding guest book

Your wedding guest book is a great memento from your wedding. It gives your guests the opportunity to share a special thought or moment from your wedding with you. We did the signed picture for our guest book. It is lovely to be able to see on a daily basis what our guests wrote to us. It makes your house feel more like a home!

There are so many unique ways to do your guest book from the traditional physical book to having guests take film their well wishes! My advice is to pick something practical that you can use in your home as decor or display.

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are important to each and every wedding. It is how you will get the word out about your wedding and let your guests know your general theme and colors (in addition to where you are registered!). Be sure to keep the wording short and simple. You don’t want your invitations to be a book, but don’t leave anything important out. Wedding invitations are sort of the glue to your wedding and there are so many cute ideas out there. The sky really is the limit for design and color choices. Just remember to get your invitations out in a timely manner- and don’t forget to include RSVP cards!

wedding decorations

What is a wedding without any wedding decorations? One of the first things that you will have to decide once you start planning your wedding is which theme or style you are going for. Sure it can seem stressful, but you just need to remember that this should be a fun process that happens once in a lifetime. It is important to remember that you need to decorate for both the ceremony and the reception. The two should flow smoothly together. You should also consider having your bridesmaid dress colors fit into the general color scheme you decide on. There are a lot of tiny details, but they will all add to making your day the best it can be!

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